Boxed BrandsTM, founded in 2012, is your online marketplace for buying contemporary one of a kind pre-designed Dot Com brand names with the additional emphasis of also making them affordable for the new start-up or entrepreneur. The term “boxed” refers to the brands pre-designed, ”off the shelf” or “turn key” genesis. The Boxed Brands business model is to produce top quality design, (naming & logo/identity design), that the large design/branding agencies cannot or will not provide.

It is the independent & creative dream of Alan Bennington, a graphic designer and naming specialist based in Atlanta, Ga, along with a worldwide group of talented designers.

Alan, a US Navy, enlisted veteran, served as a Hospital Corpsman (Medic) during the Vietnam that he is most proud of to this day. After attending The School of Visual Arts in NYC, he became a much published, award winning advertising photographer specializing in still-life & corporate annual report work from the mid 1970's to the early 1980's...BD (before digital).

Primarily self taught in the field of graphic design, he has distinguished himself with the creation of numerous visual identities and naming projects. His work is currently showcased & featured on many online portfolio sites and in several books about logo design.

Please look over and consider the brand names offered here on Boxed Brands for the new project or business venture. All the brands created for sale here on Boxed Brands are "Dot Coms", arguably the premier URL extension best suited for business... the ".com" is certainly the most recognized and sought after by new domain registrants.

About 80% of the names offered on Boxed Brands are in the short name category, (5-10) letters. Many people seek out short names because it’s generally felt they are more easily spelled & remembered. There is a great deal of truth, as well as empirical evidence to prove this: Adobe, Google, Kodak, Pepsi, Mobil, Honda, Cisco, Yahoo, Flickr are prime examples...the list goes on.

With all the obvious advantages, a short name is not necessarily needed or wanted for the best positioning of your company; the name that works “best” is what’s required and, sometimes that may be two words or a longer name

More information about naming and logo design can be found from the "Naming" item in the menu at the top of each page.

Any purchaser of a logo/brand name or a stand-alone logo design from Boxed Brands can be assured the logo design accompanying the domain name is yours and will not be sold again thus ensuring you have a complete & totally unique product to use. We cannot guarantee trademarkability, but the likelihood is great because our names are not keyword based.


All text & graphics Copyright 2012 Alan Bennington/BOXEDBRANDS and other copyright holders

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