Designers: Be a Boxed Brands contributor

New designers generally come by invitation only, but Boxed Brands is always looking for talented logo/identity designers and namers, new or established, from all corners of the world. If, after viewing our portfolio of Dot Com “Brands” and stand-alone logo designs, you feel your work is suitable; please send us a short message via our contact page and include any online links where you have work displayed.

To make the Boxed Brands website truly successful, all brand names (.com domain names), and logo designs must be of the highest quality. This site is meant to have a global reach from both the buyer’s and the designer’s perspective. We wish to show many varied design styles and to reach as big an audience as possible.

A simple caveat: make sure your work is unique, memorable and inspired, it must be a creation of your own efforts, you must have a personal copyright to the work and it needs to be in the vector (.ai) file format. Hopefully you’ll be accepted as a contributing designer after your work has been reviewed. This is obviously a subjective determination. At this point you’ll receive a quick email response outlining all of the details you’ll need to properly submit work to the site.

Boxed Brands is always interested in new ideas/suggestions and business development opportunities including: partnering with third parties, vendors, graphic designers, branding agencies, namers, domain sellers, business/affiliates, marketers; etc. Please use our contact form for your inquiries...we'll respond appropriately and as quickly as possible.


All text & graphics Copyright 2012 Alan Bennington/BOXEDBRANDS and other copyright holders

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