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Defined Begin with an idea...form it, shape it, refine it, define it, elevator-speech present it to the world. For the VC firm...use Defined Ideas as a name instead of Obtuse Capital. Your name is important...separate yourself from the's defined. This is what branding is all about. This metaphorically rich brand is easily adaptable to a host of business types. I'll work with you to define it further. Please submit your best purchase offer.

Naming/Logo Design by Alan Bennington

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Categories:  Arts & Entertainment, Business, Careers, Community & Government, Education, Energy, Industry & Agriculture, Language & Cultures, Legal & Financial, Lifestyle, Marketing & Advertising, Media & Internet, Personal Care & Services, Popular Culture, Shopping, Technology
Keywords:  defined, ideas, definition, form, logic, abstract, brain, thinking, cognitive, reasoning, research, academia, technology
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