Logo Design Brief / Questionnaire

Hopefully you’ve read my thoughts about logo design, if not, I encourage you to look them over here…they will help in your answering the following questions.

It’s my desire and goal to gain as much insight about you, & your business so I can best translate your responses into producing a winning & memorable design for your business. This is the critical first step in our collaborative endeavor. I really need you to spend as much time as possible by informing me about your business. You may wish to show this brief to those with whom you would normally consult or seek guidance. Please be as detailed as possible with your answers & comments.

I do realize that when asked many questions at once we, psychologically, may tend to be on the defensive, if so, please put these feelings aside. You are spending a fair amount of money for this important project, second in importance to your company name; and for me to best serve your interests I simply need to know “what you are all about”.

There are countless ways & methods of crafting a visual identity...so many styles to choose from. Each alternative could be great. You've come to me to create one design...one that fulfills & hopefully exceeds your expectations...this is our shared goal.

I therefore need your answers for direction & guidance. I want to know what shapes & motivates your thinking about your company...I need you to be as introspective as possible.

How do you view your business today...where do you envision it tomorrow?

  • What does your business do?

  • How is it accomplished?

  • Who is it done for?

Print out this form if you need some time to think about your answers...then return here, complete the form & submit when you're ready.

Contact Information:

Please include either an email address or a phone number so we can contact you.

Your Name:
Company Name:
Zip: Country:

If you list multiple numbers, please list the preferred number first

Time Zone:
Best time to call:
Website URL:

What is your budget?

Design costs:

Costs vary greatly... it truly depends on the scope and requirements of each project. As an example…custom typography, i.e.; designing a new typeface for your project, proprietary or not, as many corporations do, is not included in the normal logo pricing. Further discussions would be necessary. My intention and goal is to make you totally happy with your IDENTIVOS experience.

Below are several beginning choices. The ultimate cost will be determined after we have consulted and I know exactly what you need. You may only want or need a stand alone logo design or you may need additional collateral items.

When can you start?

Is there a firm project deadline?

Brand identity considerations:

The exact name as it should appear in your design:

Do you want?

Do you wish a tag line to be included?

Your Industry / Business Type or Classification

Your company size...how many employees?

How many years in business:

Briefly describe exactly what your company does…its products or services...your purpose; etc.

How does your target audience benefit from your products or services...what will happen...what will they get? Explain how what you do is different from your competition?

Does your industry have its own special 'lingo'...an industry voice, special terminology... jargon?

What keywords might describe your industry?

Who are your competitors? Provide a few links if possible, or the company’s domain name.

How would you differentiate yourself from your competitors? Are you bigger, faster, less expensive; etc. What do you perceive to be your unique competitive edge?

Who is your primary target market, demographic or age range...who’s your audience... business to business or business to consumer?

What overall message, meaning or image would you like to communicate with this new logo?

Are there any logos, (from any industry), you like…describe why? I'm certainly not going to copy them...I just want to know what you like and why? Provide links if possible. Conversely, mention any logo design styles that you don’t like, describe why.

Do you have any design preferences at this time: color preferences, elements/icons or typographic choices…especially items you like or dislike? If there is a certain style, or if there are elements you don't want used...let me know?

Design style preference: Check those that apply.

Do you have an internet presence at this time?

What will be the primary use of this new logo design? Check all that apply.

Other use, explain

Logos need to be scalable with regards to sizing and functionality. I need to know at this point if you need this design printed on a pen or pencil and/or might it be used on a billboard?

In addition to your new logo design, will the standard stationery package be required: business cards, letterhead, and envelope design?

Please note any further comments, suggestions or ideas.

I’d appreciate your indicating how you came to me?

Are you the decision maker with regard to the approval of the final design concepts?

Your logo design will be created in the industry recognized vector graphic (scalable) format, I use Adobe Illustrator. Additionally, you’ll receive a variety of appropriate digital file formats, such as jpg or png files, as well as full color, B&W or grayscale renderings of your design. Lifetime file maintenance is included. A CD can be provided at no charge simply by asking. At no extra cost I’ll create and include a favicon, (16x16 px image), to use in the address bar of your website.

Logo Usage Guideline/Style Guide:

A PDF document ( 1 or more pages ), that shows the architecture of the logo design in various forms & the recommended usage: Full color, 2 color, B&W, Gray Scale and a description of the typeface (font) used.

Upon receipt of your final payment, your approved digital files will be sent to you. I’ll explain the file types and their use in different applications at this time. Also, complete copyright ownership of your new design will be transferred to you. You may now use this design as you wish in your business materials and in the marketing and branding efforts of your company.

Ask me about trademark protection. If you should desire this...although I can't guarantee it, your new logo design very likely can be successfully trademarked. You can have the TM identifier included in your design if you wish. Only the TM mark can be used at this time. The Registered symbol (® ), can only be used if you have been officially granted trademark status by the U S Patent & Trademark Office ( USPTO ) http://www.uspto.gov

Let me know in advance if you wish this included in your design.

I only reserve the right to showcase your design on the IDENTIVOS ™ website or others of my choosing for purposes of self-promotion. From time to time I may submit your design and/or others to a number of websites or publications, creative annuals/compilations, books or awards competitions.

If you have a compelling reason why you don't wish your design to be seen elsewhere...I'll honor that request. Ordinarily one would wish for as much exposure as possible for their brand name. Your website normally accompanies your logo adding even more exposure.


All text & graphics Copyright 2012 Alan Bennington/BOXEDBRANDS and other copyright holders

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