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It’s arguably the first and most important, step in your company’s evolution. Secondarily, the logo you choose will help to capture & crystallize the vision & purpose you seek for your new adventure.

Our portfolio contains highly brandable naming & logo design solutions from many of the most talented designers worldwide; they can be used in a wide variety of business sectors...these solutions “hit the mark” and are ideally suited for you, the entrepreneur, new business start up or domain investor.

Indeed, your branded URL/Domain name is prime internet real estate & should be thought of as such.

Our emphasis is in creative naming...names that are easily brandable. They are not generic keyword type names nor are they specific to any one industry or business sector. When viewing the domain brands on Boxed Brands, along with their accompanying descriptions, you can see just how adaptable they are to so many different areas of business interest.

For the most part, generic and keyword names aren’t able to be trademarked. APPLE® is an exception...it is trademarked. It’s considered an arbitrary name. The word apple and what an apple means, as a standard dictionary noun, does not contribute to what APPLE® is... they are all about computers and other consumer electronic devices. They have nothing to do with McIntosh, Fuji, Granny Smith or Red Delicious apples. We do get the reference to McIntosh although.

The overwhelming majority of generic names & keywords have already been registered as URLs in the early 1990’s. Additionally, all dictionary words and four letter word combinations have long been registered since 2007. Brandable five letter domains are increasingly hard to come by. There are only 11,881,376 five letter combinations available (265); that may seem to be a sufficient amount but,...ggggg.com is not a very compelling answer to what a great name should be. Buying a great generic in the aftermarket can be cost prohibitive for most new companies. Just look at a list of recent domain sales

Our logo/domain names have a very high likelihood of being trademarked because they were not created with a generic keyword in mind. Some, however, contain a hint or element of a keyword to help impart meaning.

Our names are, for the most part, an amalgam of naming styles: descriptive, invented, coined, experiential, evocative and metaphoric. How the name was crafted, how long it is, what’s the consonant/vowel construction are not the salient points. The issue is: does the selected name truly work best considering the parameters & positioning goals you’ve set for your company?

I invite you to think about a name/logo/brand you’ve found here on Boxed Brands...close you eyes, relax, repeat the name in your mind several times. There should be an intuitive attachment to the name, the sound, the feeling you get...a good name just sounds right.

Your due diligence, after purchase, might include a consultation with a trademark attorney to insure that your new name is truly trademarkable if this is your desire. After research, your brand could be granted official trademark status by the USPTO, (for US trademark holders).

Obviously, there are many major brands, as well as smaller companies, who have not trademarked their names. They either could not or they chose not to pursue registration. Trademarking is an additional and, perhaps an on going expense. All the large corporations such as Apple®, Microsoft®, plus a host of others, have dedicated in-house departments staffed with lawyers dedicated exclusively to pursuing or defending copyright infringement claims. Trademarking your new name, while generally advisable, is not mandatory, but if your name is worth trademarking, it is worth protecting.

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